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According to Alabama state law, the workers' compensation system was designed to ease financial hardship and provide necessary medical care to individuals suffering from a work-related illness or injury, or the work-related Wrongful Death of a loved one. Unfortunately,this process is extremely complicated and frustrating for employees, leaving them overwhelmed and undercompensated.

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At Stephen F. Thompson, Jr., Attorney at Law, LLC, this experienced Birmingham workers' compensation firm seeks to ease your difficulties, not add to them. For over a decade, I have provided the sympathetic and strategic legal counsel necessary to help injured workers pursue compensation for your work-related injuries. This firm is ready to fight for your right to financial recovery.

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Workers Comp Injury? Understand Your Legal Rights

Stephen Thompson, is dedicated to providing the skilled and aggressive representation you deserve, no matter what type of workers comp injury you may have suffered. This Firm can zealously seek maximum compensation for numerous types of workers'; compensation claims. Different injury types are treated differently. Some of the common injury types include:

If you have been injured or disabled in a workplace accident, or are suffering an illness due to an unsafe work environment, you have a right to seek compensation. State Law mandates that these benefits cover medical and rehabilitation costs associated with your injury, including the loss of income.

Fighting Uncooperative or Careless Employers

Employers are required by both state and federal laws to provide a safe work environment for their employees. Regrettably, the Alabama Workers' Compensation Act typically limits you to bringing a claim for benefits under the Alabama Workers' Compensation Act, and prevents you from bringing a negligence claim. However, there are certain instances where you can file a claim for traditional damages, and not just for benefits under the Alabama Workers' Comppensation Act.

You may have additional claims if the following facts surround your injury:

  • Failure to Provide Necessary Safety Equipment
  • Failure to Maintain Necessary Safety Equipment
  • Any Act that was Intentionally Designed to Cause You Injury or Harm

When pursuing workers' compensation, some injured employees may have their access to sufficient medical treatment blocked or denied. Others may even face retaliation from a dishonest employer. Our firm is devoted to providing the strong advocacy needed to fight the additional difficulties brought by uncooperative or negligent employers and their insurance companies.

Act Quickly to Get Personalized Representation

Workers' Compensation claims need to be acted upon quickly to receive the maximum possible compensation. Stephen Thompson is prepared to provide the swift and skilled representation needed for your workers comp injury. Stephen F. Thompson, Jr. Attorney at Law, LLC, can provide strategic legal counsel and aggressive advocacy throughout the state of Alabama.

Free Initial Strategy Session

All Initial Strategy Sessions are Free. If you would like to discuss your options, you are invited to fill out one of the Contact Forms. I will attempt to contact you if I think I can help you.

During your Initial Strategy Session, I will asist you in creating a strategy on how to best pursue your claim, whether it be the result of a Car Wreck Accident, 18 Wheeler Accident, or, Alabama Workers' Compensation Claim. At your Initial Strategy Session, you will receive the following:

  • First - I will listen to your story. You will have a chance to tell everything to someone who wants to hear what happened to you.
  • Based on the information that you provide, I will give you my best advice on both what claims you have, and the next steps you should consider to proceed with your claim(s).
  • If your claim is something that I think I can help you with, I will explain the services that I can provide for you, and what the next steps are that we should take. We will start working immediately.
  • If your matter is something that I do not think I can help you with, then I will attempt to put you in contact with another lawyer that might be able to help you.
  • Either way, what should happen is we will put to rest some of the unkowns that you may be experiencing. We will start to shed some light on what you can expect, and how to best pursue the benefits you deserve.

Contingency Fees | Alabama Workers Compensation

Claims for benfits under the Alabama Workers' Compensation Act are taken on a contingency fee rate of 15%, which means you don't have to pay me anything out-of-pocket. Contingency fee rates for other, or additional claims are set on a case-by-case basis. I typically cover expenses for you on the front-end on the condition that you pay me back out of your recovery. We will not have an attorney-client relationship until we both agree on the terms, but, any communication between us will still be protected as priviledged communication, even if we do not come to an agreement.

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